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DJ Snap

Professional Disc Jockey

DJ Snap is a well-rounded DJ currently holding a few residencies and many private events all around the world.

DJ Snap is the night life premier DJ in today’s Hip Hop industry. Snap popularity grew in Brooklyn clubs and he has earned the respect of not only other Dj’s. In 2009 DJ Snap joined a dj crew called Da Union co-founded by DJ Self. He boasts a roster of high profile brands, celebrities and venues who can all attest to his musical talents to get the party going and flowing. He has a lot of requests to play in multiple celebrities after parties in other cities.

Every year he’s been playing in world’s most prestigious events such as Dubai Experience, Miami Nice, Jamaica, Fashion Weeks, and etc.…

DJ Snap plays every style of music Hip-Hop, Rock, R & B, Hip-Hop, Trap, Reggae, Oldies, House music etc.….

He can deliver the right sounds and get the crowd jumping.

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